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In carrying out its duties, the Board is supported by two sub-committees, responsible for either carrying out a specifically delegated function of the Board or providing advice to the Board on areas requiring more in-depth and specialist analysis.

Resources Committee:

  • Responsible for overseeing expenditure, presenting the Phone-paid Services Authority budget and monitoring core activities and performance
  • Supervising long term and strategic financial planning and policy, the annual business plan and budget process and approval of management accounts
  • Responsible for overseeing the Phone-paid Services Authority human resources strategy, agreeing substantive changes to employment policy and advising the Board on significant employment matters
  • Overseeing policies, the remuneration strategy and review of organisational design issues and structure
  • Responsible for scrutinising performance management data for all aspects of the Phone-paid Services Authority’s core activities including the KPI’s agreed with Ofcom.
  • Responsible for evaluating the work and performance of the Committee and overseeing arrangements for the appointment of designated senior Executive posts.

Audit, Risk & Corporate Governance:

  • Responsible for managing the internal and external audit processes, as well as dealing with matters relating to risk management within the Phone-paid Services Authority
  • Responsible for considering the adequacy of internal financial control systems, security audit of IT systems and infrastructure, funding and collection arrangements of the levy
  • Responsible for reviewing the business continuity and disaster recovery plans, insurance arrangements
  • Responsible for reviewing the corporate governance arrangements and making recommendations to the Board
  • Responsible for evaluating the work and performance of the Committee.