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External responses

Our responses to other organisations' consultations

Each response is available in a PDF format below:


PhonepayPlus' response to BIS on improving the consumer landscape & switching – Call for evidence (July 2016) 

PhonepayPlus' response to Ofcom's consultation on silent and abandoned calls (February 2016)
Annex is available here.


PhonepayPlus' Response to Ofcom's consultation "Simplifying non-geographic numbers" (May 2013)


PhonepayPlus' response to the BIS consultation on the Implementation of the Consumer Rights Directive 2011/83/EU (November 2012)

PhonepayPlus' response to the BIS consultation on Enhancing consumer confidence by clarifying consumer law in relation to the supply of goods, services and digital content (October 2012)

PhonepayPlus' response to the BIS call for evidence on EU proposals on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (February 2012)


PhonepayPlus’ response to Ofcom’s consultation “Simplifying Non-geographic numbers” (March 2011)

Joint letter from PhonepayPlus and representatives of the premium rate industry to the Secretary of State, calling on the Government to carry out a review of the UK’s micropayments sector (June 2011)

PhonepayPlus' response to the BIS consultation: 'Empowering and protecting consumers' (September 2011)


Response to Ofcom's review of non-geographic calls services (May 2010)


Response to the BERR Call for Evidence: Consumer Law Review (July 2008)


Response to the Byron Review's Call for Evidence (November 2007)

Response to Ofcom's consultation document on Participation TV: Protecting Viewers And Consumers, And Keeping Advertising Separate From Editorial (October 2007)

Response to Ofcom's consultation: Consumer protection test for telephone number allocation (June 2007)

ICSTIS and Ofcom's joint response to Culture Media and Sport Committee's report: Call TV Quiz service (March 2007)


Response to Gambling Commission's consultation: Prize Competitions and Free Draws (October 2006)

Response to Ofcom's consultation: Consumer Policy (April 2006)

Response from the secretariat: Gambling Commission (January 2006)


Response to Ofcom's consultation: Providing Citizens and Consumers with Improved Information about NTS and PRS (December 2005)

Response to consultation on the NTS Framework: Number Translation Services: A Way Forward (December 2005)

Response to Ofcom's consultation on Number Translation Services: Options for the Future (January 2005)


Response to Ofcom's Strategic Review of Telecommunications (June 2004)

Response to Ofcom's consultation on the 'Ofcom Annual Plan April 2004 - March 2005 (March 2004)


Response to Ofcom's consultation on promoting self-regulation (December 2003)

Response to Code of Practice for the Self-Regulation of New Forms of Content and Experiences on Mobiles (September 2003)

Response to Oftel's consultation on conditions regulating premium rate services (July 2003)

ICSTIS' response to the FSA's consultation 172 on electronic money: Perimeter guidance (May 2003)

ICSTIS' response to the revised application for New Telephony Numbering Space (April 2003)

ICSTIS' response to Oftel's consultation on the future use of legacy directory enquiry numbers (April 2003)


ICSTIS' written evidence to the Joint Committee on the Draft Communications Bill (June 2002)

ICSTIS' response to the General Conditions of Entitlement document issued by Oftel (May 2002)

ICSTIS' response to the public consultation on the draft OECD guidelines for protecting consumers across borders from fraudulent and deceptive commercial practice (March 2002)

ICSTIS' response to the ITC's Code of Advertising Standards Consultation (March 2002)

ICSTIS' response to the Government consultation on the law on prize competition (March 2002)


ICSTIS' response to the DCMS Gambling Review (Budd) Report (October 2001)

ICSTIS' response to the Oftel consultation document Restoring Trust in Personal Numbering (July 2001)