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As a small regulator overseeing a complex and rapidly evolving market, we recognise that working with external partners is crucial in enabling us to deliver our objectives. Here are some of the organisations we have worked with recently: 

kaspersky   In 2014, Kaspersky provided us with evidence in relation to enforcement work in mobile malware related to phone-paid services. Following initial identification by Kaspersky Lab and additional data, our Research team managed to uncover mobile malware and WAP opt-in issues that resulted in fining UK companies £300,000 in total and refunds for the consumers ordered.  
  We have a Memorandum of understanding with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), defining the mutual support of the two companies in regulation in areas with mutual interests, for example adverts which use phone-paid services as a payment device. We are both committed to consumer protection while keeping a healthy and thriving market at the same time.
100 lookout   Our intel researchers have been working closely with Lookout in terms of mobile security threats. In 2014, a report by Lookout found that the UK has so far had relatively low experience of mobile malware compared with other countries, in part thanks to the Phone-paid Services Authority's efforts. With Lookout's help since 2012 until today we have been cutting off mobile malware attacks in the UK and using their expertise to understand the ongoing development of mobile malware and security.   
Resolver   Resolver is a free, assisted complaints resolution service working with, the UK's biggest consumer advice website, to create the best possible route to resolve almost any consumer issue. We are working with Resolver to list us on their consumer protection advice page so that more consumers will know to contact the Phone-paid Services Authority and how to find out more about phone-paid services.   
ICO100   As the authority responsible for upholding information rights, the Information Commissioner's Office has been a key partner in assisting the Phone-paid Services Authority deal with data protection issues. At times, our remits complement each other with the common purpose of protecting consumers.
This year we are working with Childnet on PhoneBrain, our campaign aimed at educating children on how to use mobile devices, phone-paid services and on how to understand the costs involved.   
cma    We have worked with the Competition & Markets Authority (and their predecessor organisation, the OFT) in helping to tackle the issue of children running up high bills through in-app purchases on app stores.

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