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  • What you need to know about phone-paid subscription services

    subscription services
    23 May 2018, Lewis Evans, Senior Communications Executive

    At PSA, we closely monitor the phone-paid services market, tracking emerging trends, examining payment technologies, and listening directly to the concerns of thousands of consumers a year.   We have a strong record of taking action and adjusting our regulation to suit conditions in the market to meet emerging challenges. For example, we tightened our rules around online competition and online adult services in January 2017, and have since seen a marked decrease in the number of compl...

  • The year ahead at PSA

    10 May 2018, Joanne Prowse, CEO

    In our most recent blog, PSA chairman David Edmonds set out his vision for the year ahead. I want to use this blog to set out our near-term priorities in a bit more detail.  We will be continuing with our proactive and collaborative approach – monitoring services, gathering market information, and applying our Code flexibly in relation to market developments.  We will be engaging key groups of stakeholders in our regulation, to keep us alert to emerging opportunities and challen...

  • Call connection services: What are they, and how to spot them

    ICSS services
    25 April 2018, Lewis Evans, Senior Communications Executive

    Many of us don’t check everything we see on search engines in exhaustive detail. If you’re looking for information, you’ll most likely put some terms into a Google search bar, and then pick the first search option that looks about right - quite possibly the first one to appear on the list of results.

  • Looking ahead in the new financial year

    Chairman David Edmonds on PSA budget
    28 March 2018, David Edmonds CBE, Chairman

    Our Business Plan and Budget for the 2018/19 Financial Year have just been published, so I thought this was a good time to offer my personal perspective on the PSA and its work.

  • Enabling society lotteries to use phone payment

    society lotteries PSA consultation on Special conditions
    28 February 2018, Simon Towler, Director of Policy and External Relations

    We're proposing new Special conditions for society lotteries - a significant development for the phone-paid services market and charity fundraising.

  • PSA priorities for the quarter

    22 January 2018, Jo Prowse, Chief Executive

    A (slightly belated) happy new year to everyone from the PSA.

    The Phone-paid Services Authority’s vision is a healthy and innovative market in which consumers can charge content, goods and services to their phone bill with confidence. In the final quarter of this financial year, we will continue to work closely with our stakeholders towards this vision.

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