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  • Hoax email circulating about premium rate postal delivery scam

    Hoax email
    10 December 2015, David Owen, Senior Communications Executive

    With Christmas fast approaching and gifts being delivered to homes across the UK, a delivery scam hoax is doing the rounds again. As has been reported by Action Fraud, and PhonepayPlus, a chain email is circulating about an 09 number that was shut down by PhonepayPlus in December 2005. 

  • 2 things to keep in mind when using your mobile devices

    Action Fraud #UrbanFraudMyths campaign
    12 November 2015, Cătălina Ciontu, Senior Communications Executive

    ActionFraud’s #UrbanFraudMyths campaign aimed at debunking urban myths about fraud and cyber crime briefly mentions some Wi-Fi and mobile device precautions to keep in mind.

  • #GetSafeOnline week

    Get Safe Online week
    19 October 2015, David Owen, Senior Communications Executive

    Get ready for a week of tips, advice and information on protecting yourself online. This week is Get Safe Online Week run by Get Safe Online, the UK’s national internet security awareness initiative.

  • Consumer Rights Act 2015

    Consumer Rights Act 2015
    08 October 2015, David Owen, Senior Communications Executive

    On 1st October 2015 the Consumer Rights Act  came into force. The Act gives consumers new legal rights regarding digital content and makes the law clearer and easier to understand as it streamlines eight pieces of legislation into one.

  • Vulnerability. An open discussion

    vulnerability an open discussion phonepayplus
    28 July 2015, Jonathan Levack, Head of Policy Projects

    While some services are experiencing a challenging operating environment, services like giving, gaming and gambling are becoming increasingly prevalent in our market. As a regulator, we’ve been thinking...

  • Our new website

    23 July 2015, Cătălina Ciontu, Senior Communications Executive

    As you might have noted already we have relaunched our PhonepayPlus website. The relaunch of our website is part of the changes PhonepayPlus is making to improve our regulatory framework...

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