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Number Checker Registration FAQs

Who needs to register Number Checker information and numbers/number ranges?
Anyone can register a service but, in practice, it is likely that the provider closest to the Number Checker information is best placed to register and maintain the data.
How do I register this information?
Using your “My Numbers” tab from your account pages, you can follow three simple steps to register your services on the Phone-paid Services Authority's Number Checker. 
Which information is mandatory?
You must provide the number or number ranges that provide access to the service, your customer care provider that will appear to consumers on Number Checker, your customer care contact details and your Level 1 provider.

Other information, such as 'Brand Name', 'Billing' and 'Cost Details' are not mandatory; however, they would aid consumers who visit Number Checker to better identify the service they interacted with.
What is the purpose of Step 2 in the registration process (“Who else is involved in my numbers?”)?
The purpose of Step 2 is to allow you to manage your service data and share this information with other providers in your value-chain. This step allows you to nominate other organisations that are connected to a service and allows them to view the service details from their own account screens. The classification of a provider's role is not binding and is purely meant to better enable you to maintain your records.
What is a Data Owner?
The Data Owner is the only organisation that is allowed to edit the service record information. When you register a service, you are assumed to be a Data Owner unless you select another associated provider and transfer Data Ownership to them. Data Ownership does not imply any responsibility under the Code and is a means by which you can select the best organisation to keep the service information up to date and accurate.
Why can't I edit my 'Associated Numbers'?
If you have services appearing in your 'Associated Numbers' tab, it means you have been nominated as an associated provider for that service. This means you are able to view the information that has been registered for those services, but are unable to edit this information as you are not the Data Owner.
I have a 10,000 block number range – how do I register this?
If all the numbers in this block are in operation and you wish to take on the responsibility to update all the Number Checker information, then you can register a service with a large number range. Ideally, however, the Phone-paid Services Authority would recommend that in scenarios like this the provider that is closest to the Number Checker information registers and maintains the data as they are likely to be in the best position to do so.
Why do I get an error when I enter my customer care number?
A customer care number can only be a non-phone-paid services number and so we have put validation on this field to only allow numbers that do not begin with 09 and that are at least 11 digits long. If this is causing you a problem, please contact us.
I'm an 0871 and 0870 provider and I decided to register – do I need to register my services?
As you are not obliged to register with us at all, you are not expected to register your services. However, there is nothing to stop you registering your services with us and this would be a good way to manage your own data.
I've just connected a service – how long do I have before I need to register its details?
You should register this service within two working days from the time the number or numbers become operational.
Why does the status of my service record say 'incomplete'?
If you see the word 'incomplete' next to any of your service data, it means that the registration has not been successful. This means you need to continue with the registration and provide further data.
Why don’t I recognise the name of my service?
If you don't provide a 'Service Name', the system will automatically generate one for you using your organisation name and the customer helpline number. This is because the system needs a unique identifier per service record.
Do I need to register a new 'Service Name' for each number or number range?
'Service Name' is not mandatory so you only need to enter this where you wish. If you don't enter a 'Service Name', however, one will be automatically generated for you so the system can distinguish between the records.
How and when can I add/remove numbers or number ranges to my service?
You are able to amend service data at any time, provided you are the Data Owner. To do this, just select the Add/Edit/Delete button next to the service record you wish to update.
I am trying to attach a partner organisation on Number Checker but can’t find them, even with an ORG ID?
You can only attach organisations with valid registrations to Number Checker – in other words they must not have allowed their registration to lapse – you can quickly check registration status using the look-up function.