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Latest tribunal adjudications

This case concerned an adult video subscription service operated by the Level 2 provider Cellso Ltd. The service was operated under the brand name Cellso Babes.

The PSA had received 151 complaints from consumers alleging that charges made by the service were unsolicited.  

The Executive raised a potential breach of the PSA Code of Practice (13th and 14th editions: paragraph 2.3.3 – consent to charge.

The Tribunal upheld the breach and found that it was “very serious”.  

It imposed the following sanctions:
- a formal reprimand
- a prohibition on Cellso Ltd. from involvement in premium rate services for a period of 5 years
- a barring of access to the service for 5 years
- a fine of £250,000 and
- a requirement to made a general refund to consumers.

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