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20 July 2006

ICSTIS Director, George Kidd addressed attendees of the Westminster eForum on 13th July 2006. Titled 'Premium Rate Services in the future and the role of the regulator', the eForum focussed on issues of technology convergence, consumer empowerment and conditions for regulation in relation to 'paid for content' and drew speakers from BT, 3, Channel 4 and the National Consumer Council amongst others.

George Kidd's keynote speech explained the key developments as seen by ICSTIS in the three areas of Payments, Platforms and Protections in an increasingly complex media environment and highlighted the need for Ofcom's review of ICSTIS' regulatory scope, which is due to take place in the last quarter of 2006.

  • Click here to view the eForum agenda¬†with full speaker listings.
  • Click¬†here to view George Kidd's speech.