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PhonepayPlus issues call for inputs on regulation of 08xx numbers

12 December 2011

This document is the result of Ofcom’s consultation on ‘Simplifying Non-Geographic Numbers’ , which highlighted a number of issues around how the market for non-geographic numbers (namely 084x and 0870 numbers) currently operates. Central to this is poor consumer confidence in many of these number ranges and a lack of price transparency.

Ofcom’s review has raised the possibility of extending PhonepayPlus’ remit to these numbers. This document sets out how regulation by PhonepayPlus could address the transparency requirements and other consumer risks that have been identified. It also sets out how PhonepayPlus could apply a proportionate approach, recognising the lower pricing tariff, and responds to some potential concerns that 08xx revenue-sharing providers may have around being regulated as premium rate services.

The document seeks inputs on these issues from providers of 08xx revenue-sharing services and from consumers (and their representative bodies) to inform the next stage of Ofcom’s consultation. PhonepayPlus will provide all responses it receives directly to Ofcom. The closing date to submit evidence is Monday, 30 January 2012.