Phonepayplus begins work on next code of practice

15 October 2008

PhonepayPlus today announced the beginning of a consultation exercise to develop the next edition of its Code of Practice.

All interested parties are invited to complete a questionnaire that will help determine the scope and framework of the new Code.

The 11th edition of the PhonepayPlus Code of Practice was published in November 2006. While it remains fit for purpose in the short term, it is likely that technology and market developments, together with changes in consumer usage, will pose significant challenges for regulation in the future.

Today marks the beginning of a comprehensive exercise which will include ongoing dialogue with industry participants, peer regulators and members of the public. It is expected the project will result in a new Code being published in 2010.

PhonepayPlus is looking to develop a Code that:

  • delivers an even better framework for consumer protection
  • provides as level a playing field for the phone-paid industry as possible
  • keeps pace with developments in the market, whilst retaining the effective elements of the current Code
  • is even more accessible in terms of layout and language

The questionnaire is available to complete online; Please click
here to access the survey.


  1. PhonepayPlus is the organisation (previously known as ICSTIS) that regulates phone-paid services - the goods and services that you can buy by charging the cost to your phone bills and mobile pre-pay accounts. Further details of its work can be found at .
  2. Ofcom has responsibility and accountability for the regulation of premium rate services under the terms of the Communications Act 2003. However, Ofcom has appointed PhonepayPlus to deliver the day-to-day regulation of the market, granting it formal powers to protect consumers on its behalf by approving its Code of Practice.