Nick Cracknell prohibited from running phone-paid services for two years

14 January 2009

PhonepayPlus, the phone-paid services regulator, has prohibited Nick Cracknell, of Burston, Staffordshire, from involvement in or contracting for the provision of any phone-paid services for a period of two years, effective from 4 December 2008.

The decision to prohibit Mr Cracknell followed an earlier adjudication against Nick Cracknell t/a NC Enterprises and after evidence was gathered detailing his involvement in services operated by various other service providers which seriously breached the PhonepayPlus Code of Practice.

In considering the Nick Cracknell t/a NC Enterprises case, the PhonepayPlus Code Compliance Panel imposed a number of sanctions including a £15,000 fine. It also decided to prohibit Mr. Cracknell under paragraph 8.9.2g of its Code, which enables it to: "prohibit a service provider, information provider and/or any associated individual found to have been knowingly involved in a serious breach or series of breaches of the Code from involvement in or contracting for the provision of a premium rate service for a defined period". Full details of the adjudication can be found on the adjudications database

Network operators and service providers are reminded that they must not contract to provide services to prohibited individuals, or engage or permit the involvement of prohibited individuals in the provision of phone-paid services. As such, PhonepayPlus urges all relevant parties to remain vigilant to ensure that prohibited individuals do not start up or become involved in phone-paid services while they are subject to a prohibition.