Notice to Industry: Update to Fact Sheet on Charitable Fundraising Services

3 June 2010

Charitable giving via mobile is becoming an increasingly popular way to donate to good causes.

In 2008, PhonepayPlus held an event and created a Fact Sheet on charitable giving with Bates Wells & Braithwaite – a leading charity, social enterprise and not-for-profit law firm. The Fact Sheet is designed to assist charities and other providers in achieving compliance with PhonepayPlus’ Code of Practice, as well as including guidance on legal compliance.

PhonepayPlus and Bates Wells & Braithwaite have recently updated the Fact Sheet, reflecting aspects of the Charities Act 2006 that did not come into force until after the original Fact Sheet was drafted. The revised Fact Sheet also takes into consideration the updated Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) Codes for broadcast and non-broadcast media

To view the updated Fact Sheet, please click here. And if you are a charity, or a Service Provider acting on behalf of a charity, and need some advice about setting up a service, you can contact PhonepayPlus’ Industry Affairs team on 0845 026 1060, or by emailing