PhonepayPlus announces Complaint Resolution team

27 May 2010

PhonepayPlus today announced the creation of a new Complaint Resolution team, led by Jodie Isaac, an experienced PhonepayPlus Executive. This new team will work in collaboration with premium rate service providers to tackle minor instances of non-compliance and help increase the overall level of compliance in the industry.

As we signalled in our Business Plan for 2010/11, this will help protect consumers by tackling potential Code breaches quickly and it will help deliver refunds promptly and without fuss to premium rate customers where appropriate. It will also allow the formal Investigations team led by James Harris to focus its resource and that of the Code Compliance Panel on only the most serious cases of consumer harm.

The premium rate industry has signalled its support, too. Those providers that are committed to compliance – the great majority – will now have a chance to demonstrate that commitment by working with us to resolve minor compliance issues and provide speedy redress to their customers. We believe that many in the industry will take this opportunity to work proactively and positively with the regulator to build both compliance and consumer confidence. 

PhonepayPlus is keen to work with all stakeholders to ensure that the new team and its work meets their needs and those of their customers. We will soon be meeting with a variety of consumer groups, businesses and trade bodies to explain more about how the team will work and seek views as to how best it can support the objectives we have set.

If you would like to find out more about the new team please contact Jodie Isaac on 020 7940 7474.