PhonepayPlus clarifies rules on Broadcast SMS

19 August 2010

PhonepayPlus today issued a supplementary Notice to Industry detailing changes to Prior Permission for Premium Rate Services (PRS) used in television broadcasting.

This follows approaches earlier in the year from PRS industry representatives and broadcasters seeking clarification on conditions. In particular, clarity was needed in relation to votes received using SMS that arrived outside of times when lines were open and what the expectations are in relation to refunding such consumers.

PhonepayPlus took the opportunity to review all the conditions of the Broadcast PRS Prior Permission Notice. Following this review, PhonepayPlus’ Board altered some conditions and added one new condition in order to provide greater clarity to providers.

The main clarifications are:

  • That votes or entries which are received outside the voting window – e.g. when lines are open – do not have to be counted or refunded provided that this risk is clearly communicated to consumers, that consumers are informed their entry is invalid but they will still be charged, and that there are no technical difficulties (either from the network or provider) which might have caused votes or entries to be delivered late.
  • That phone lines may remain open when programmes are repeated, provided that the voting/entry window for PRS is still open during the repeat.
  • That where multiple methods of voting/entry exist for the same Broadcast event, then if some of those methods will have shorter voting/entry windows than others this must be clear to consumers in each call to action.

To read the notice in full, please click here