PhonepayPlus consults on changes to Multi-Party chat services prior permission regime

31 March 2010

PhonepayPlus today launched a 10-week consultation on proposals to amend the prior permission regime currently in operation for Multi-Party Chat services.

Multi-Party Chat (MPC) are live services which enable more than two users to simultaneously conduct a telephone conversation with one another. Since the prior permission regime was introduced in 2002, there have been a number of developments in the market and technology that suggest that the current rules for MPC services require review. PhonepayPlus, in discussions with the industry, has proposed some changes to the general requirements in the prior permission regime for MPC that aligns such services more closely with other live premium rate chat services.

Before instituting the changes to the MPC prior permission regime, PhonepayPlus would like to give consumer groups, child protection agencies and the wider industry an opportunity to comment on the proposals.

Submissions to the consultation should be received by 9 June 2010.

To view the full consultation, click here