PhonepayPlus launches new website

24 April 2009

PhonepayPlus has launched a new website that will better protect consumers from harm while lowering the cost of regulation for reputable businesses.

Improvements to the site mean that both industry and consumers will be able to find the tools and services they need, or answers to questions they may have, quickly and easily; ultimately reducing the cost of regulation and easing the process of compliance for industry, and empowering consumers to engage with confidence in the phone-paid service market. 

Additions to the site include animations and video clips to help explain PhonepayPlus' Code of Practice and tips for consumers. Many features can also be lifted from the website and hosted on those of partner regulators and consumer groups, reflecting PhonepayPlus' aim to make information more easily accessible for consumers. 

For Business

The new website features a dedicated 'For Business' section, which will help companies offering phone-paid services ensure they comply with PhonepayPlus' Code of Practice. It features an all-new due diligence section, which will help network operators, service providers and information providers ensure they contract only with other reputable  businesses. 

The section is designed to be bookmarked by businesses, and will be constantly updated with news, guides, event information and new tools to make compliance with the Code as straightforward as possible. 

For the Public

For consumers, the website features all the tools they need to help ensure they can use phone-paid services with confidence, including the powerful Number Checker facility. Using the Number Checker, consumers can input a text shortcode or premium rate number to find out about the service operating on that number. 

The Number Checker features prominently on the new homepage, but also on the dedicated 'For the Public' area of the website. This section gathers together all the information consumers will need to find out about phone-paid services, and help them seek redress should they have a complaint. 

Commenting on the new website, Simon Bates, Director of Standards and Communications at PhonepayPlus said: "We are constantly improving the ways we help companies comply with our Code with minimum disruption to their business while, at the same time, making sure consumers avoid potential pitfalls and enjoy the benefits of phone-paid services. 

Bates continued: "The website and digital technology is central to this. It will make sure consumers are better protected from harm; and ultimately help reduce the cost of regulation."