8 June 2006

Today Ofcom has extended the definition of controlled premium rate services (CPRS) to include 'internet dialler software' (diallers) irrespective of the call cost or number. In proposing to extend the definition of CPRS to capture diallers, Ofcom set out that it did not want to unintentionally capture pay-as-you-go dial up and unmetered dial up internet services. These services by internet service providers providing narrowband access to the internet to end-users using a dial-up connection are specifically excluded.

To coincide with the extension of the definition of CPRS, icstis has today issued a [LINK:/upload/PRS_Condition_Amend06.pdf -> TITLE : Notice] setting out that all service providers using diallers, regardless of number or cost must ensure that they apply for prior permission before 30th June 2006. Diallers found operating without prior permission after this time will be in breach of the ICSTIS Code of Practice.