4 September 2008

Andrew Bud's resignation from the Board of PhonepayPlus.

Statement from Sir Alistair Graham, Chairman:

"I have today accepted with regret Andrew Bud's resignation from the Board of PhonepayPlus."

"Andrew has served with distinction since his appointment in 2005. His extensive knowledge of the phone-paid services market has been a great help to PhonepayPlus as it seeks to pre-empt and prevent causes of harm, and protect consumers when they occur."

"However, some compliance issues have been identified recently in relation to the services of some customers of mBlox. Andrew wanted to be free to address these issues directly, ensuring that all such services meet public and regulatory expectations, without his position on the Board becoming a consideration or matter of speculation."

"In these circumstances, I accept and applaud his decision and thank him for his contribution to PhonepayPlus."