We are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill.

PhonepayPlus Registration Scheme: Mandatory Number Checker and Due Diligence functionalities now available

18 July 2011

PhonepayPlus, the UK regulator of premium rate services (PRS), today launched the Number Checker and Due Diligence functionalities on its industry-wide Registration Scheme.

It is mandatory under the new Code of Practice that comes into force on 1 September 2011 for PRS providers to register the numbers their services operate on for PhonepayPlus’ Number Checker and to carry due diligence checks on their clients.

To carry out Number Checker registration of services and to produce Due Diligence Reports on clients, providers must first register their organisation.

Following the registration of an organisation, the Number Checker services registration can be accessed once the provider has logged in using their registration details, as can the Due Diligence Report functionality.

The ‘How to’ information sheet for Number Checker registration can be downloaded here.

The ‘How to’ information sheet for producing Due Diligence Reports can be downloaded here.

E-flyers that providers can use to alert their clients to the need to register their services for Number Checker and to carry out due diligence checks can be downloaded here.

If you have not yet registered your organisation, please click here to register.


1. PhonepayPlus is the organisation (previously known as ICSTIS) that regulates premium rate services – the goods and services that you can buy by charging the cost to your phone bill and mobile pre-pay account. Further details of its work can be found at
www.phonepayplus.org.uk .

2. Ofcom has responsibility and accountability for the regulation of premium rate services under the terms of the Communications Act 2003. However, Ofcom has appointed PhonepayPlus to deliver the day-to-day regulation of the market, granting it formal powers to protect consumers on its behalf by approving its Code of Practice.

3. For more information, contact the PhonepayPlus Press Office on (020) 7940 7440 or email
pressoffice@phonepayplus.org.uk .