We are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill.

A new name for PhonepayPlus? We want to hear your views

18 February 2016

After conversations with industry and others, we have decided to change PhonepayPlus’ name. We want to develop a name that will explain our role more clearly for consumers and stakeholders and reflect and support competition, innovation and investment in the market that we regulate.

We will not be hiring consultants or spending lots of money to choose a new name and statement of purpose for PhonepayPlus, instead we want to ask your suggestions and for suggestions from our stakeholders and our staff.

For the next four weeks and in the spirit of being an open and collaborative regulator, we will be taking suggestions for a new name and a new statement of purpose, a short phrase or sentence explaining the organisation’s role.

You can submit your ideas here.

There will be a modest prize for the best contribution, donated by our Chairman David Edmonds.

What is it that we want?
We are looking for a name and a statement of purpose that will make clear to all what the organisation is and does, that we regulate payments charged to a phone bill and that we want to support a healthy market and to promote good outcomes for consumers. Our Communications Team will be having wider conversations with industry members who are particularly interested in contributing to this work, please let us know by emailing pmorton@phonepayplus.org.uk if you would like to take part.

The new name and statement of purpose will be announced in early summer and implemented later in the year.

In short, what we're looking for from the new name is:

  • To be short and snappy
  • To be clear and not too complicated
  • Straightforward - we want to make it plain that we are a regulator and what we regulate

If you have a wider suggestion, for example about how to describe the PRS market we regulate, please still let us know.

Let us know your suggestions here