We are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill.

New appointments for PhonepayPlus’ Code Adjudication Panel

21 June 2016

We've announced today the appointments of the new members of our independent Code Adjudication Panel (CAP).

PhonepayPlus' new 14th Code of Practice for premium rate services comes in to force on 12th July 2016. The new panel will consider whether interim measures should be imposed on providers and adjudicate on alleged breaches of the new Code. The announcements follow the appointment of Mohammed Khamisa QC as the Chair of the Code Adjudication Panel in April.

The new panel, which comprises legally qualified and lay members, will replace the current Code Compliance Panel and make rulings independently of the PhonepayPlus executive.

The legally qualified members of the CAP are Julian Weinberg, Robin Callender Smith and Linda Lee. The lay members, who have been chosen for their experience in an adjudicatory capacity and in dealing with complex factual situations will be, Andrew Ellam, Tony Moss, Dame Elizabeth Neville, Elisabeth Ribbans, Ian Walden, Peter Wrench and Martin Wrigley.

The members of the new panel have a variety of expertise across areas including: law, technology, operations, business, consumer matters and media, and include: a former President of the Law Society, a former Police Chief Constable, a Professor of Information and Communications Law and a former Managing Editor of The Guardian.

David Edmonds CBE, Chairman of PhonepayPlus said:
I am very pleased to announce the appointments to our new Code Adjudication Panel. We have introduced this new panel to make sure that the adjudicatory process for PRS regulation is transparent, fair and independent. The members of the panel have extensive experience in legal, commercial and adjudicatory matters, and with the expertise of Mohammed Khamisa QC as Chair, will ensure the fair and proportionate application of our Code of Practice.