We are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill.

PSA publishes Annual Market Review with key findings for industry

25 September 2018

The Phone-paid Services Authority has published its Annual Market Review, conducted by Mobilesquared.

The AMR is a comprehensive study of the phone-paid services market, looking at market trends and consumer engagement across 48 service types. Mobilesquared talked to nearly 40 senior members of industry and over 5,000 consumers as part of the research, which:

  • predicts market growth in 2018/19
  • highlights considerable improvement in the consumer experience of services, noting marked improvements in a number of consumer metrics including satisfaction, trust and NPS
  • argues that phone-paid services are becoming more ‘sticky’, attracting more repeat consumer engagement
  • but notes what more needs to be done for the market to complete its transition to a sustainable future.

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