Regulator bans two people from the market for a total of ten years

4 August 2020

The Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) has banned two individuals, Leon Wander and Ofir Sarusy, from having any involvement in the phone-paid the market for five years each.

Wander was the former director of IT Zone Limited, a company which ran a star sign subscription alert service charging £4.50 a month. The regulator received 26 complaints about the service, with complainants alleging the service charges were unsolicited. One consumer said “I have never subscribed or signed up for this service”, and another complained that “I have been charged £4.50 by this number despite never signing up for their service, nor ever actually receiving any texts from them”.  

The PSA imposed a number of sanctions on IT Zone last year for five breaches of regulation. Wander has now been banned from the market for five years for failing to comply with these original sanctions. 

The second individual, Sarusy, is the director of a company called Tobaji Ltd. This company charged people to connect to customer service helplines, such as ASOS and British Airways, via a premium rate phone number. Tobaji committed six regulatory breaches, including that the service was misleading and that consumers weren’t given all the necessary information to make an informed decision. 

The regulator fined Tobaji for its actions, and barred it from operating until it made significant changes to the service. However in his duties as director, Sarusy didn’t make any attempts to comply with the sanctions, and he has therefore been prohibited from the market. 

Read the full decisions in the cases of Wander and Sarusy.