PSA bans former company director from the market for knowing involvement in Code breaches

8 December 2020

Ravi Kumar Metta prohibited from providing or being involved in phone-paid services for five years.

Metta had been the director of Itech Logic Ltd, a company which charged consumers up to £4.50 a week to answer questions for a chance to win prizes. The PSA fined the company £250,000 in April 2020 for a number of Code breaches, including a failure to handle consumers’ complaints properly. 

The Tribunal found on the balance of probabilities that Metta was an associated individual of this company -- for example because he was its director and company secretary -- and that he was knowingly involved in the service’s non-compliant behaviour. 

The Tribunal has now banned Metta from the market for a period of five years.
Read the Tribunal’s decision here.