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Regulator fines company £250,000 for five breaches over its misleading call-connection service

16 July 2020

The Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) has imposed a number of sanctions on Plus que PRO SAS, which unfairly charged consumers £2.50 a call for connection to well-known high street stores.

Plus que PRO SAS ran an Information, Connection and/or Signposting Service (ICSS) that it promoted on search engines like Google and Bing. Customers weren’t given sufficient information about the nature or the cost of the service in its promotional material, and they also weren’t told that they’d be charged while the service number connected to the service provider’s system. 

The Tribunal imposed a number of sanctions, including a £250,000 fine and a requirement that Plus que PRO SAS must refund all customers who make a valid claim for a refund. The Tribunal also barred the service until all sanctions have been complied with or for two years, whichever is later. 

You can read the Tribunal’s decision in full here.