We are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill.

The PSA publishes Annual report for 2020/21

03 December 2021

The PSA has published its Annual report for the 2020/21 financial year, which details the PSA’s activities regulating the phone-paid services market

In 2020/21, complaint levels dropped to the lowest levels we’ve seen in a decade. In 2020/21, we took 5,347 complaints from consumers, compared to 13,914 complaints in 2019/20 and 33,610 in 2016/17.

We continued developing Code 15, the most comprehensive review of our regulation in more than a decade. The new Code will enable a new approach to regulation that will raise standards, prevent harm, be simpler to comply with and be underpinned by smarter enforcement.

In terms of enforcement, we worked on 249 cases and issued fines totaling £3,635,000 against non-compliant service providers.

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