Consultation on amendments to Notice of Specified Charges and Durations of Calls

7 June 2018

Recent changes to UK law have introduced maximum spending caps - per individual transaction and for accumulated transactions per month - for phone-paid transactions, which are not aligned to some of the existing spend caps the PSA has in place.

We believe it is important that any PSA notice that specifies a maximum charge for any category of service is clear and easy to understand and aligned with spend limits set out in law.

The PSA has reconsidered the charges specified in our existing Notice, and proposes to:

  • align our spend caps for Sexual entertainment services, Live entertainment services, Chatline services and Professional advice services with the caps now set out in law
  • remove our existing spend caps for Remote Gambling services - on the grounds that the monthly spending cap which will now be required by law is lower than the monthly consumer spend our previous cap would have allowed, and so will offer consumers greater flexibility and also greater protection.

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