OLD Consultations

For all our consultations, we will endeavour to involve stakeholders, explain fully the different options that we are considering before we make our decision and help those with views to respond fully and in an informed way.

Open consultations:

Business Plan and Budget 2018/19 (consultation closes on 26 January 2018)
Consultation on registering a service with the PSA (consultation closes on 9 February 2018)


Closed consultations

Consultation on Business Plan and Budget 2018/19 [link]

Consultation on Business plan and budget for 2017/18
Enhancing the effectiveness of sanctions

Consultation on PhonepayPlus regulatory framework review
Proposed Special conditions regimes for online competition services
Vulnerability guidance
Guidance review consultation
14th Code consultation launched following review of Part 4
Business Plan and Budget 2016/17 Consultation

For older past consultations please see our archive. [accordion] link to https://psauthority.org.uk/for-business/public-consultations/past-consultations/archive-of-past-consultations


Our responses to other organisations' consultations

The Phone-paid Services Authority’s response to Ofcom’s Review of General Conditions of Entitlement (March 2017)
PhonepayPlus' response to BIS on improving the consumer landscape & switching – Call for evidence (July 2016)
PhonepayPlus' response to Ofcom's consultation on silent and abandoned calls (February 2016) Annex is available here.
PhonepayPlus' Response to Ofcom's consultation "Simplifying non-geographic numbers" (May 2013)