Affiliate Marketing discussion paper 2014

This discussion paper intends to help PhonepayPlus and the industry support each other to ensure consumers are protected and compliant members of the industry can operate with confidence. The paper sets out our current approach to regulation, discusses what good practice may look like, suggests further sources of information and details actions we are taking with industry to help ensure affiliate marketing can be used compliantly.

While this is not a formal consultation, we welcome responses from in and outside the industry to the discussion document. The paper poses a number of questions relating to the current and future use of affiliate marketing but we also welcome comments beyond the scope of these.

Responses are welcomed by 26 May 2014, 8 weeks from publication.

To see the full discussion paper please click here.

PhonepayPlus has published today (July 30, 2014) an update to the original discussion paper to take account of the responses of five organisations - four publicly- about affiliate marketing. The aim is to find a mutually supportive way forward that helps address both PhonepayPlus and industry concerns about the use of affiliate marketing in premium rate services.

Affiliate marketing discussion document