Consultation on changes to governance and Code of Practice

(Issued on 2 March 2007 - closed on 26 April 2007)

ICSTIS has issued a consultation document proposing changes to its governance arrangements, particularly in relation to its adjudicatory function, and proposed changes to the Code of Practice.

Click here to view the consultation document on changes to Governance and Code of Practice
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Click here to view ICSTIS' final statement following consultation 
Click here to view the ICSTIS response to the governance changes consultation responses received from stakeholders

ICSTIS' consultation on changes to governance and the Code of Practice generated the following responses:

British Sky Broadcasting  
British Telecom (BT) 
Mobile Broadband Group (MBG) 
Mobile Data Association (MDA) 
Network for Online Commerce (NOC) 
Open Vantage 
Premium Rate Association (PRA) 
Dr M. Ward