Consultation on the regulation of Anonymous SMS messaging services

(Issued on 30 July 2007 - closed on 7 September 2007)

ICSTIS has today issued a consultation document relating to Anonymous SMS texting services. ICSTIS is seeking views on whether it is possible and appropriate to introduce regulatory safeguards to allow these services to operate. 

Click here to view the consultation document on the regulation of Anonymous SMS Messaging Services

Click here to view the  PhonepayPlus' final statement following consultation

Click here to view the Anonymous SMS Prior Permission guidelines
PhonepayPlus' proposals on the regulation of Anonymous SMS services generated the following responses:

Barrie Shepherd 
Euro Digital Corporation Limited 
Telecommunications U.K Fraud Forum 
Mobile Broadband Group 
Premium Rate Association 
Dave Tate 
PNC Telecom 
Network For Online Commerce 
Guy Middleton 
Paul Holman 
Mike Ward