Code of Practice (12th Edition) Review

PhonepayPlus published a Call for Inputs paper in September last year that set out our initial considerations. We received 17 responses to our request from a variety of stakeholders, which were fully considered and have influenced our approach to a number of issues. PhonepayPlus also hosted a number of workshops with industry and consumer groups to discuss the initial proposals and garner views from a variety of stakeholders.  This feedback has led us to reflect on a number of proposals that, due to comments, we are no longer taking forward to full consultation. In the interim, reason has arisen to consider a number of other issues as part of this Code review.

The following document details the more substantial planned changes to the Code. While there are no formal questions in this paper, PhonepayPlus welcomed views from stakeholders on the proposals outlined, ahead of a formal consultation which will follow in summer, this year.

Update paper

Download the update paper:
Code Review Update

Supporting research

The update is accompanied by independent research into consumer views towards spending caps conducted on behalf of PhonepayPlus.  Click on the links below to view the research.

The impact of the spending caps review on customers of premium rate services (February 2013)

The impact of the spending caps review on premium rate services aimed at children (February 2013)


While the update paper contained no formal questions, PhonepayPlus received three responses to this update paper. One respondent chose to remain confidential. Please click on the following links to view the responses.

Action 4
The Number UK