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Implementation notice relating to Special conditions for online competition services and online adult services

15 December 2016

The Phone-paid Services Authority issues this notice to assist all relevant service providers who are implementing the new Special conditions for online competition services and online adult services, which come into force on 4 January 2017. At paragraph 2.23 of the Statement on introducing Special conditions (30 November 2016), the Phone-paid Services Authority stated that it was considering what security measures may be required in order that it might permit use of parameterised links as a means of confirming consent to charge. Currently this mechanism is not included within the list of options for establishing double opt-in as set out at ONLC 2 or ONLA 2 in the new Notices of Special conditions.

Given the review of this double opt-in mechanism could in future result in this option being included within  the Notices of Special conditions for online competition services and online adult services, the Phone-paid Services Authority has decided that it will not, until a decision is made, enforce ONLC 2 or ONLA 2 where a service provider is already using a secure parameterised link, suitably encrypted to make sure the system cannot be mimicked by parties other than the consumer making the transaction. All other aspects of the Notice of Special conditions remain unchanged and should be adhered to in full.

For the avoidance of doubt the options listed in ONLC 2 or ONLA 2 remain in place and should be used to achieve compliance with the new special conditions.

This decision has been taken having considered the potential costs impact on providers already using secured parameterised links, particularly if this option is to be added in future to the new Special conditions. A statement will be made by the Phone-paid Services Authority in the new year setting out the outcome of our review including a decision on whether or not the Notices will be amended to include the parameterised link option.

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