We are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill.

Open enforcement cases

Where the PSA considers that a provider may have breached its Code of Practice and that the matter is serious enough to proceed to a PSA Tribunal, it will commence an enforcement investigation.

An investigation by the PSA does not mean that the provider has done anything wrong or that the PSA has reached a decision that there is sufficient evidence of a breach of its Code. 

Investigations include consideration of any representations and evidence received from providers and therefore may not result in a finding that breaches of the Code have occurred.

Further details about the PSA’s procedures relating to investigations are available here.

Reference number Organisation name Service category Service subcategory
CAS-149583-Z7B3P3 Lodosen Holding Ltd Personal and relationship services Tarot/Astrology
CAS-148794-N2F4P6 Soterio Holding Limited Lifestyle Health and wellbeing
CAS-191994-W0Z4S1 Modo Mobi Ltd Information, news and education Alerts
CAS-189094-L5S8C8 4130 Kinetic Ltd Digital payments Vouchers
CAS-185532-J7H3J6 Call Support Assistance Services (includes DQ and ICSS) ICSS - helplines only
CAS-188306-S6F0H2 Connect You Ltd Assistance Services (includes DQ and ICSS) ICSS - helplines only
CAS-191763-Y1F5P4 OG-Media Ltd Assistance Services (includes DQ and ICSS) ICSS - helplines only
CAS-191951-W0Y2J8 Telecom 2 Limited
CAS-179345-D5Z8C3 Numbers Plus Ltd
CAS-191534-Z8Q3W8 Kalastia Consulting Ltd