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Citizen’s Advice Scams Awareness month commences

15 July 2015, Cătălina Ciontu, Senior Communications Executive
Citizen's Advice Scams Awareness commences

The vast majority of premium rate services are good businesses that serve consumers well, many of them offering innovative services that consumers enjoy.

PhonepayPlus has a variety of different ways to help consumers make informed choices about the services they are paying for and what to be aware of when interacting with premium rate services.

The first week of July saw the launch of Citizens Advice’s Scams Awareness Month. The month is about creating a self-supporting network of confident, alert consumers. This year’s campaign theme is “Don’t be rushed, Don’t be hushed” and sees Citizens Advice and local and national organisations undertaking consumer awareness activities up and down the country.

Further information and resources about the month and its themes can be found here and by following Citizens Advice on Twitter.

During the month we will be signposting you to advice and information about premium rate services and our work in protecting consumers and supporting innovation and growth in the industry.

Know your numbers
Numbers starting 09, 0870, 0871, 0872, 0873 and 118 are premium rate services and may cost more to call. Texting SMS shortcodes - numbers five or six digits long usually beginning with 5, 6, 7 or 8 may cost more too.

For more information on premium rate numbers and their costs please check our guide to Premium rate numbers.

Our newly launched website provides updated and new pages on subjects, including what premium rate services are, FAQs, how PhonepayPlus can help, and a solutions centre.

What can you do?
If you find unwanted or unknown charges for a premium rate service, first contact the company that runs the service. If you have contacted the company and they do not resolve a complaint, PhonepayPlus is here to help.

If you are unsure of a number, our free Number Checker provides you with any information PhonepayPlus has about the company running the service. Your phone provider can also tell you who the name of the company that has charged you.

Our free helpline is available on 0300 30 300 20 (open 9.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays) or you can make a complaint through our online complaint form.

Here is our advice on using smartphones safely.

  • Treat your phone and phone number like you would your bank cards - use a PIN, swipe pattern or password to access the home screen. If you give out your number, you can be charged.
  • Don’t override your smartphone’s security settings – doing so may compromise the security of your device and leave it vulnerable to malicious software.
  • Back up and secure your data – many smartphones come with software to back up your data to a personal computer creating a copy of information such as contacts, photos and other data.
  • Install apps from trusted sources only – apps are the easiest way for someone to hack your phone. Avoid apps from unauthorised sources and instead download from official stores.
  • Clear your phone before you dispense with it – if you donate, resell or recycle your smartphone, remember to erase any data on it first. Remove and erase any media cards and perform a full or ‘factory’ reset.

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  • Jasim

    19/07/2015 10:24

    I am receiving several SMS request from this phone number +4470 1192 0332 to call back urgently. The message say "call me urgent please i'm in emirates 00777011920332". I believe this is scam and you should investigate.

  • PhonepayPlus
    20/07/2015 08:57

    Hi Jasim, unfortunately I cannot put this forward as an official enquiry needs to be submitted. If you would like to do so, please see

  • PhonepayPlus

    22/07/2015 14:55

    Hi Andrew, to unsubscribe you can reply STOP to the short code. If this doesn't stop the service or you don't have a short code number, please contact the service provider, in your case Cellfish Europe Mobidol. If you can’t get hold of them, then please call us on 0800 500 212 to speak to a Customer Services officer who can help you take the next steps in getting this sorted.

  • andrew tanner
    22/07/2015 13:47

    Hi I've been over charged over £100.00 by a company Cellfish Europe Mobidol 03308 080345 - I've rung this number, but it is a recorded message. You can press 1 to unsubscribe, It also mentions a website but nothing comes up when I put it in the address bar. This is a scam and I've never subscribed to this service As you providing the service provider I would like to know how to Firstly I can go about stopping this premium rate £4.50 per text service secondly - How do I go about making a claim against either cellfish or your yourselves to get a refund.

  • Steve

    04/08/2015 23:02

    I have been charged for the last few months by a company called Mobitrans via EE - a bit of searching reveals this is a scam relying on peoole to inadvertently subscribe to there £4 service, the initial text is unsolicited and requires you to STOP - it relies on you ignoring it, you will then be charged. Total scam. I have contacted them but they refuse to give me a refund

  • Karin
    11/09/2015 17:13

    I received a SMS about Topikoo purchase and how to cancel it, the text said that I needed to send the word STOP to cancel the purchase, although I had NO IDEA about what kind of company was it, I decide to send a text with the word STOP to cancel it, just in case. I received a canceling SMS on 13.08.15. On 10.09.15 I called to my mobile company about how expensive was my mobile bill, they said that was because the Topikoo company was taken £4.50 per week, then they helped me to call Topikoo company, for my surprise that purchase was not canceled, then I am really disappointing with this way that The Topikoo get money from people for nothing. I ask for my money back, but the company ignored me.

  • Phonepayplus

    14/09/2015 10:13

    Hi Karin, it's not clear to me from what you're saying whether you've still been charged even after sending the STOP command. If you have indeed been charged after sending the STOP text back, please get in touch with us as this shouldn't have happened.

  • joanne
    14/09/2015 10:38

    I have recieved charges to the total of £30, i have looked up the number and believe it to be prizefun Time Services Purchased Charge Fri 24 Jul 19:29 Payforit GBP6.00 SB7 Helpline: 02035406597 £6 Fri 24 Jul 19:30 Payforit GBP6.00 SB7 Helpline: 02035406597 £6 Fri 24 Jul 19:30 Payforit GBP6.00 SB7 Helpline: 02035406597 £6 Fri 24 Jul 19:30 Payforit GBP6.00 SB7 Helpline: 02035406597 £6 Fri 24 Jul 19:30 Payforit GBP6.00 SB7 Helpline: 02035406597 £6 I have called them and they have said i entered a compition which i haven't and refused to refund me, is there anything i can do

  • PhonepayPlus

    14/09/2015 10:52

    Hi Joanne, as a consumer you can ask for proof of having entered the competition and if you have indeed entered it, then they can't refund you.

  • PhonepayPlus
    16/09/2015 15:01

    Hi Haq, did you reply STOP ALL to the shortcode to stop all the subscriptions?

  • Haq

    16/09/2015 18:46

    Thanks for reply, i was told to send the word STOP as per my service provider and from Mobidol, after sending "STOP" to the Premium Text to 64546 i did get a conformation text from mobidol which reads: "Your subscription to Mobidol from Mobidol has been terminated. HELP? 03308080141". This should have done the job but apparently not and am still being charged!

  • Haq
    16/09/2015 12:12

    I am with virgin mobile and have been scammed by mobidol for over £100! I phoned mobidol but no joy so had to send an expensive text message words "STOP" but this has not stopped the scam and they are still taking £4.50 per week for nothing since 4 months. I have no idea how mobidol is getting away with this big scam,they must be stopped.I have no other options but to change my number, very inconvenience, so waiting for my new sim, don't know how i ever got into this scam. MOBIDOL NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED, STOPPED AND BROUGHT TO JUSTICE....WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS A CRIME AND AFFECTING PEOPLE.

  • PhonepayPlus

    17/09/2015 08:31

    Haq, reply back STOP ALL instead of STOP to make sure you're opted out of ALL subscription services. If this doesn't stop it, then please get in touch with us to speak to a Customer Services officer who will be able to assist you further. It is possible for you to be subscribed to other services as well, not just from mobidol. Have you seen the info on this page?

  • Alfredo Ramos
    18/10/2015 21:36

    Dear PhonepayPlus team, About two weeks ago I noticed some unjustified charges on my Three monthly mobile phone bill. The charges were in concept of "premium download services" by a company named Mobidol - a company I had never heard of before seeking advice on the unusual bill from Three customer support. With the help of the Three support person I managed to have a conversation with a Mobidol representative, who agree with us on a procedure to secure a refund of the unauthorized charges to my account. On the 9th of October I received a reply from Mobidol rejecting my request for a refund on the grounds that there is a three-click procedure to signing up to their services and that they had been sending me monthly SMS notifying me of their charges. Needless to say, I never signed up for anything with Mobidol and, whilst I have received their texts, I assumed these would be scam and hence decided not to reply. In various internet forums I have found numerous account from mobile phone users with the same experience with this company. It seems this is an outright scam. Given that I have found an article from 2012 outlining this scam, I wonder why this company is allowed to operate at its will and continue with their dishonest scam. I have written back to Mobidol re-stating my claim, but I was wondering if you would be able to provide some additional support on this matter. Looking forward to hearing form you. Best regards, Alfredo Ramos

  • PhonepayPlus

    20/10/2015 09:54

    Hi Alfredo, this is a service we are aware of. Have you raised an enquiry with us yet? If you haven't, please do so either by phone or online (contact details can be found here: You have provided us plenty of information here, but in order to proceed with the investigation formally we need personal information as well.

  • emy
    30/10/2015 23:05

    I received payforit pagamento from Jamster unauthorized what Can i do?

  • PhonepayPlus

    02/11/2015 08:43

    Emy, all this information is available on our 'Unexpected phone charge?' webpage at

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