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New Vulnerability Guidance: have your say

06 April 2016, Jonathan Levack, Head of Policy Projects
new Vulnersability Guidance consultation

While many were looking forward to a well-earned break over Easter, we were hard at work making sure we have the right protections in place for vulnerable consumers.

As the regulator for premium rate services in the UK, we have a responsibility to ensure vulnerable consumers are protected from harm when using them.

Many of you will know that we have a programme of work dedicated to this task. To date, this programme of work has included:

  • the relevant Code of Practice rule being updated
  • the publication of a discussion document on vulnerability, and
  • the formation of a working group with external stakeholders that have been helping to develop an appropriate regulatory response on consumer vulnerability.

Just before Easter we published a consultation on draft vulnerability Guidance for consultation, which represents the next step in this programme of work. This Guidance is intended to help providers:

  • interpret and meet the requirements of the Code of Practice
  • reduce the risk of vulnerable consumers being taken unfair advantage of, and
  • build confidence and trust in the market.

As you will see, we have intentionally kept the proposed Guidance short, user friendly and practical.

We now seek your views on our Vulnerability Guidance. Responses to the questions in the consultation document – and views of the Guidance more generally – are requested by 18 May. Details on how to respond can be found in the document.

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  • John curless

    07/09/2016 14:35

    On or around 29th Aug I was using my phone I tried to swipe one to access my APS but something else appeared I swiped again same thing I swipe a couple More times and eventually got to my APS ,5 or so minutes later I got 2 messages saying I had subscribed to gaming sites I text stop and was emediatly text again saying I had subscribed to another simaler Site the day after I phoned each one and told I hadn't knowingly subscribed, I asked for my money back saying I don't play any games and could access Free ones i f I wished,I I was told couldn't have money back but was unsubscribed and got text to confirm ,yesterday 6 /8/16 asimaler thing happened only this time there saying I've accessed 5sites at 4 50 each I've since been on to my providers 3 network I spoke to an operated called Alwin WHO after listening intently to my complaint said he would get it to stop and get me feel refund but Surprise didn't Ring back a.and can't be got hold of L

  • PhonepayPlus
    14/09/2016 11:51

    John, in this case please get in touch with us so that one of our Customer Services officer can help you

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