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  • Business Plan and Budget 2016/17 for consultation

    15 December 2015, Peter Barker, Director of Corporate Services and Operations

    During the next year we will continue to enhance the recent progress we have made in our regulatory approach, with a balanced emphasis on prevention of future harm to consumers alongside seeking to hold to account those responsible for consumer harm and bringing the market into disrepute. Our business plan sets out the range and depth of the regulatory activity we will undertake to achieve this.

  • We want your feedback: Part 4 Review and Code consultation

    14th Code consultation
    24 November 2015, Simon Towler, Director of Policy and External Relations, PhonepayPlus

    We have proposed a new Code which I think delivers a more efficient investigation process than previously, simplifying and reducing the number of steps involved. It builds on the work we are already undertaking by working with providers, networks and the whole premium rate value chain to improve compliance with our Code.

  • Business plan consultation 2015/16

    09 December 2014, Jo Prowse, Acting Chief Executive

    Our consultation on PhonepayPlus’ Business Plan and Budget for 2015/16 is published today. It’s packed with detail and as it’s one of PhonepayPlus’ major consultations I’d like to flag up some of its key points for our stakeholders.

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