Wye Valley Promotions Ltd

Publication Date
23 January 2015
Case Reference
Adjudication by consent
Adjudicated Party
Wye Valley Promotions Ltd
Service Type
Competition and quizzes
Tribunal's final assessment
Code 12 para 4.8.2i - General refunds
Code 11 para 8.9.2d - Fine
Code 12 para 4.8.2 (c) - Compliance advice or prior permission
Code 11 para 8.9.2b - Formal reprimand
Breaches raised
Code 12 2.3.2 Misleading
Code 12 2.4.1 Privacy

PhonepayPlus has published an adjudication by Consent order (“Consent Order”) relating to a Tribunal adjudication against Wye Valley Promotions Ltd (case reference 30309). The case was raised by PhonepayPlus following receipt of complaints in relation to a prize draw service.