Plus que PRO SAS

Publication Date
16 July 2020
Case Reference
Track 2
Adjudicated Party
Plus que PRO SAS
Service Type
Tribunal's final assessment
Very Serious
4.8.3 (b) Sanctions
4.8.3 (e) Sanctions
4.8.3 (i) Sanctions
4.8.3 (d) Sanctions
Breaches raised
Code 14 2.2.1 Transparency and Pricing
Code 14 2.3.1 Fairness
Code 14 2.3.2 Fairness
Code 14 3.11.3 Special Conditions
Code 14 3.4.8 Registration

The case concerned an Information, Connection and/or Signposting Service (ICSS) which operated on the number range 0904289514X (“the Service”). 

The Level 2 provider for the Service was Plus que PRO SAS (“the Level 2 provider”). The Level 1 provider was Innecto though a second Level 1 provider Daotec also operated within the value chain. The Network operator was GCI Network Solutions Ltd.

The Service was first promoted in November 2016 but was initially run by another Level 2 provider. The Level 2 provider registered the Service with the Executive on 7 March 2017.

The Service was a call-connection Service which offered connection to a number of organisations and was promoted on web-based search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

The Executive received one complaint in relation to the Service which prompted monitoring of the Service to take place. 

The Executive sent a Warning Notice to the Level 2 provider on 24 April 2020 in which the following breaches of the Code were raised:

  • Rule 2.2.1 – Transparency and Pricing
  • Rule 2.3.1 – Fairness
  • Rule 2.3.2 – Misleading
  • Paragraph 3.11.3 (Special Conditions ICSS3)
  • Paragraph 3.4.8 – Registration.

On 1 July 2020 the Tribunal reached a decision in respect of the breaches.

The Tribunal concluded that the seriousness of the case should be regarded overall as very serious.

Sanctions imposed:

  • formal reprimand  
  • that access to the Level 2 provider’s Service and all of its numbers is barred for a period of two years or until the Level 2 provider has paid its fine and administration charges in  full, and sought and implemented compliance advice to the satisfaction of the PSA, whichever is the later
  • a requirement that the Level 2 provider must refund all consumers who claim a refund, for the full amount spent by them on the Service, within 28 days of their claim, save where there is good cause to believe that such claims are not valid, and provide evidence to PSA that such refunds have been made
  • a fine of £250,000.

Administrative charge recommendation: 100%