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Fax services

PhonepayPlus has noticed an increasing number of premium rate fax services. ‘Fax services’ are defined as services which are accessed by individuals by dialling a premium rate number from a fax machine, either to send or receive a fax.

This update is issued in order to highlight PhonepayPlus’ expectation that:

  • Providers of premium rate fax services comply with the Code of Practice (12th Edition). In particular, consumers must be clearly and fully informed of the whole cost of the service (see paragraph 2.2), and must not be misled as to the potential benefits of the service on offer (see paragraph 2.3.2).
  • Providers who contract to providers of premium rate fax services take proactive steps to look into their clients and their clients’ use of these numbers to ensure that their fax services comply with the requirements of the Code of Practice (12th Edition) – see paragraphs 3.1.3, 3.1.6, 3.3.1; specifically, how the fax services fully and clearly inform consumers of all information likely to influence their decision to purchase, including the cost, before any purchase is made.

Download PDF version of the 'Fax services' Compliance Update