New to the industry? Here's how to get started

When you launch a new service in the phone-paid services market, there are five key steps which you need to take:

Make sure you know what the regulatory requirements are and how they will affect your business. Review our Code of Practice and guidance to assist you in meeting our regulatory requirements.
There’s a huge range of service types in the phone-paid services market. Some have special rules specific to that service. Where there is greater risk to consumers, Special conditions ensure they are protected. Have a look at our Special conditions to see if they apply to you.

Once you've understood the regulatory requirements for your service, register with us.

When you register we will ask you details about your phone-paid service, some of which will be made available to consumers enquiring about your service through our Service checker. The details will also help us to maintain the integrity of the market and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

You’ll have to pay a fee to register (which is renewed annually), unless you are exempt. The current registration and renewal fee is £200 + VAT.

For more help on how to register with us please see the Registration help guide.

You’ll also need to let us know which numbers you’ll be using to operate the service, whether fixed line, mobile short code, or other number type. This is important as it allows us to share information about your service with consumers through our Service checker.

Please note you will need to do this within 48 hours of the service going live.

If you are a Level 1 provider make sure that all the companies you are working with that provide phone-paid services are also registered with the PSA.

You will also need to check whether there are any risks posed by the services or their promotion to consumers and that you are satisfied with the persons operating the services and those you are contracted with.

It's your responsibility to make sure that you are working with compliant providers and that compliant services are operating through your platform or service.

You may be in breach of Due diligence,  risk assessment and control on client obligations under our Code if you do not take these actions.

Please note the we can't offer commercial advice on who to contract when setting up a phone-paid service. For this we advise you to contact network operators and trade associations.

Do contact us if you have any questions or need clarification on any of these points.

No matter what kind of phone-paid service you’re operating, it’s important that you stay up-to-date with PSA regulation and keep your service compliant. And the PSA is here to help you do that. We publish detailed guidance alongside our Code of Practice to help you meet your obligations under the Code. We also give service providers free compliance advice.

We’d advise all service providers to sign up here for all our industry updates. These include consultations, notices of Special conditions or exemptions and other important news and information.