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Registration FAQs

How does the £10,000 exemption work in practice?
The exemption only applies to you if you are a new registrant in your first year of operation in the phone-paid services market. Next year you will be required to pay the full fee, which is set in April, based on the number of organisations participating in the market.

If you claim an exemption from the fee then you will skip the payment process and go straight to the account pages.

If you project your TOTAL gross outpayments from PRS, excluding VAT to be lower than £10,000 then your organisation can register without paying a fee. However if, for example, you have two suppliers and you project each to pay you £5,100 per year gross (excluding VAT) then you will earn more than £10,000 from PRS in total and should pay the fee.

During the year if your gross outpayments begin to exceed £834.00 per month then you should contact the Phone-paid Services Authority to discuss your exempt status.
I am an 0870/1/2/3 provider, what should I do?
If you only provide 0870/1/2/3 services then you do not need to register, unless your service is subject to Special conditions. We will populate information on our number checker about the most popular 0870/1/2/3 numbers on your behalf.

However if you wish to enjoy the benefits of the scheme then please register – and if it is your first year of participation and your outpayments are less than £10k per annum (see exemptions above) then you will not have to pay the fee.
Will the Phone-paid Services Authority carry out any checks if I claim I am exempt from paying the registration fee?
After registration, the Phone-paid Services Authority will verify the information of organisations who claim exemption from the registration fee by checking with the organisation’s PRS suppliers or the Charity Commission website.
I paid the registration fee but no longer provide PRS. Am I eligible for a refund?
The registration fee is non-refundable except for payments made in error. You can find our refund policy here which explains more about the situations in which a refund would be considered.
I am a Network operator. Do I have to pay the registration fee?
Network operators are not exempt from the Scheme.
What do all these reference numbers mean?
The Sage Pay Transaction reference is your payment reference, you should use this in any direct contact with Sage Pay.

The Registration Number is your commercial reference, you should use this in any direct contact with the Phone-paid Services Authority or when dealing with other members of the industry.The invoice number is your correspondence reference for any queries relating to finance.
Why are government bodies not exempt from paying the registration fee?
Government bodies operating in the phone-paid services market will be enjoying all the benefits of the Scheme and so will need to pay the registration fee.
Will registration be refused to any organisation and can it be revoked?
Registration will not be refused or revoked, but organisations that are prohibited or barred from operating PRS will be marked as such.
Do I need to register if all I do is promote other organisations’ services?
No, affiliate marketers are not required to register as they are not considered to be part of the PRS value-chain under the Code.
I represent a large Network operator. Paying by credit/debit card is not possible. Can I pay by invoice instead?
You can only pay for the registration fee by credit/debit card. The Registration Scheme is using the Sage Pay secure payment facility and so we cannot accept payment by any other means.
Why can't I register my organisation's name?
Are you using a special character, such as @" or '? If so try again without the special character.

Otherwise your organisation may already be registered. Please try to login with your registered user's email address or contact the registration team to reset your passwords.
Do I need to register every year?
Each year you will need to renew your registration – or if you are a charity, renew your exemption. You do this by logging in and selecting “Renew registration” from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. If you continue operation and you do not renew your registration then you will be in breach of the Code and could be subject to regulatory action.

Throughout your period of operation you should always keep your registered information accurate and up to date, but there won't be a need to fill in the initial registration forms on a yearly basis.

If you are no longer operating in the PRS market you should log-in and choose “leave the market”. You need to let us know that you intend to leave the market BEFORE your registration lapses.

Your data will be retained on the database for a reasonable period of time from the date you leave the market. Your organisation will no longer be linked to services and the database will clearly state that you have left the market.
Do foreign companies and their directors have to register?
If foreign companies are providing PRS in the UK then they have to submit all of the information we require, including directors.
Can I just register my holding company?
Each company that is obligated to register under the Code of Practice must register. This means it is not sufficient just to register a holding company.
When organisations register, do they have to say whether they are a Network operator, Level 1 provider or a Level 2 provider?
It is not necessary to classify your organisation in this way, but Network operator status is applied for as usual by contacting the Phone-paid Services Authority. We will need to see evidence of your interconnect agreement with a lead network, e.g. BT.
How do I know when it's time to renew my registration?
Registration dates are displayed on your ‘My Account’ screen and reminder emails from the Phone-paid Services Authority are sent one month and then again two weeks before the expiry date of your registration. It is important that you renew in this period – of inform us that you have left the market.
Why do I need to provide a responsible person’s date of birth and e-mail address?
In order to avoid duplicate records being created, the system needs unique information to differentiate between responsible person's records. Currently to do this we are using a date of birth and e-mail address.
What does the ORG ID mean?
An ORG ID is the Phone-paid Services Authority Organisation identification reference number which means that the Organisation has been entered onto the system. It does not mean that the organisation is registered, as organisations can allow their registration to lapse by not renewing.
Where can I find my organisation ID?
After you log-in you can find your Organisation ID (or “ORG ID”) in the Organisation Tab.
Where can I find another Organisation's ID?
If you know the registered name of the organisation then you can find the Org ID using the quick look-up function.
Why are there several boxes for Org ID entry?
There are two input fields for ORG ID searching which enable you to create the search in the way that suits you best.

If you prefer to type the ORG ID you can use the first entry field and the number will be automatically formatted for you.

If you prefer to copy and paste the ORG ID you can use the second box.
*Please note you can only use one search box at a time
Is there any penalty for providing inaccurate information?
If you provide inaccurate information – or information becomes inaccurate because it is not kept up to date - then this is a breach of the Code of Practice and regulatory action may be taken against you.
When can I register my services?
You can register your services at any time using the "My Numbers" page in your account.
When can I do a due diligence search?
You can undertake a due diligence search at any time using your "Due Diligence" page in your account. For more information about undertaking due diligence searches please see the Due Diligence FAQs.
Can I be a user for more than one company?
Yes, you can. If another organisation has created a user account in your name you will be e-mailed with login details. You can use the same e-mail address and password for all organisations you are associated with.
I didn't receive the invoice or confirmation emails. What should I do?
If you haven't received any e-mails within 24 hours from registering then firstly check your spam folder, particularly if you have a Yahoo, Hotmail, Google or Orange email account. If they are not in that folder, please contact us.
I'm a sole trader. Will my address be visible on the website?
Your organisation address will only appear to those organisations who carry out a due diligence check and to users that you have created for your account. It will not be publicly available.
I've forgotten my security answer. What do I do?
Call the Phone-paid Services Authority Registration helpdesk to reset your security question and security answer. Please, contact us.
I've left the PRS industry. What happens to my data?
Under the Data Protection Act, the Phone-paid Services Authority will keep your data for a reasonable period of time and your status will become unregistered. This information will be visible to other organisations carrying out due diligence searches.