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Setting up a new phone-paid service

If you want to set up a phone-paid service in the UK, you need to follow a number of steps:

1. Read our Code of Practice and guidance
The Code of Practice sets out the rules for the phone-paid services industry, such as clear and accurate pricing.

2. What services are subject to Special Conditions under the 14th Code of Practice?
Special conditions may apply to the service you wish to set up and the Phone-paid Services Authority may apply prior permission rules to certain services where consumers require extra protection. Find out more about Special conditions.

3. Check the background of those you contract with
You must check the background of the companies or individuals that you intend to contract or have commercial arrangements with and ensure consumers are not put at risk.

4. Register with the Phone-paid Services Authority
Before providing any services, you need to register with the Phone-paid Services Authority, unless you are exempt from registration.

5. Submit your phone-paid service and numbers
After you’ve registered, you must submit details of your phone-paid service and numbers online within 2 working days of them being active.

Get advice from the Phone-paid Services Authority

We can offer free advice to ensure your service follows our Code of Practice. Please contact us by email at  

Useful links:
Network operator contacts 
Trade associations


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