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Frequently Asked Questions

I did not request this service, how do I get a refund?
Contact the service provider and ask for information on what the service is about, proof of purchase and potentially a refund. Please note that if the purchase was legitimate, the provider may not be obligated to provide a refund. If you have a legitimate cause for complaint, contact the service provider and explain your circumstances.
How do I stop the charges?
Text back STOP ALL to the shortcode provided. If this still doesn't stop the charges, then contact the service provider and ask them to stop the charges.
I'd like to turn off in-app purchases completely, how do I do it?
Ofcom created a useful short video showing how you can turn off in-app purchases on your iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry smartphones:

I sent STOP ALL but still got charged, what do I do?
Contact the service provider to stop the charges, explain the situation and ask for a refund.
Can I turn off phone-paid services completely?
This varies from network to network. You need to ask your phone network about the possibility to bar all phone-paid services from being made from your phone.