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Making an enquiry

Before making your enquiry

If you have noticed an unexpected charge on your phone bill that is related to a phone-paid service, you should first get in touch with the company that runs the service. Use our #NumberChecker tool or contact your telephone network to find out the contact details of the service provider.

Please make sure you follow the steps on Unexpected phone charge? Here's what to do first before submitting an enquiry to us. Now watch this video:

Still need to contact us?

If you have contacted the phone-paid service provider but the issue is not resolved, then we can help. You can make an enquiry online or by phone on 0300 30 300 20 (9.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday).

Before contacting us please make sure your have the following information to hand, so that we can assist you:

  • the name of the service provider or the phone-paid service number involved 
  • a copy of the text message itself confirming the subscription or the payment
  • any other information on your telephone bill that might help identify the service

After submitting your enquiry

What happens next
Whether you submit your enquiry by phone or online, we will look into the matter raised by you and keep you updated by email about how your enquiry is being handled. This normally entails contacting the service providers and or the network operators to ask for information about your enquiry.

How long it takes
Please note that due to the varying times that service providers supply us with information and the complexity of the investigation concerning your enquiry, we may take between 48 hours and 16 weeks (in exceptional cases longer than this) to settle your enquiry.

Further communication
After you submit an enquiry, please keep an eye on your inbox as we might ask for additional information to be able to proceed with an investigation. You might wish to also check your spam/junk folder as sometimes emails can get wrongly filtered as spam.


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