What's on my bill? Is it a phone-paid service?

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You will receive a bill regularly from your network operator, either your mobile network (Vodafone, O2, EE, 3 etc.) or your landline service prover (BT, Talk Talk, Virgin etc). Whether your get this in the post or online, it’s important to check it regularly.    

Any phone-paid services that you’ve been charged for will be listed on your phone bill. Additional charges for services you have bought, such as donating to charity or voting on a TV show, will show up as being from a company other than your network. Click to tweet

At the PSA, we call these ‘service providers’. Your phone bill will not always list the name of the service provider; sometimes you will see a number instead. You can enter that number into our Service checker to find out which service provider has charged you and how to contact them about the phone-paid service charge.

What to look for on your bill:

  • SMS (mobile text) short codes
    Mobile text short codes are usually 5 or 6 digits long and start with a 5, 6, 7 or 8. You can put these into our service checker to find out more information about who has charged you. You may have received text messages from a number like this. These messages give you information about the service, such as the contact details of the service provider.
  • Charges might be listed as ‘Payforit’, ‘Charge-to-mobile’, ‘Operator Billing’, ‘Direct Carrier Billing’ or ‘Google Play’ on your bill
    This isn’t the name of the company that has charged you – you will need to check this on the PSA’s Service checker. 
  • Fixed line numbers
    These include 118 numbers which are used for directory enquiries. 09, 087 and 084 numbers are often used for customer helplines, information and chat lines, and competitions or TV voting. Seeing these numbers on your bill might mean you’ve been charged for a phone-paid service.

If you’re still not sure if you have a charge for a phone-paid service on your bill, use our Service checker or contact your network operator.

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