We are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill.

Phone-paid Services Authority administrative charges

04 January 2017

The Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) today announces a revised set of administrative charges. The PSA remains committed to ensuring that those found in breach of its Code of Practice make a proportionate contribution towards the costs incurred in bringing their cases to a conclusion.

A key component of this ‘polluter pays’ principle is ensuring the comprehensive and accurate recovery of costs incurred during investigations which result in a breach of the Code being upheld. A time recording system captures the work conducted by investigators involved in a case. These costs can then be accurately passed on to providers found to be in breach of the PSA Code of Practice.

A simplified methodology for setting administrative charges rates is now in place. The number of individual staff rates has been reduced following a review of team structures and the personnel involved in bringing a case to a conclusion. A revised set of Code Adjudication Panel charges also apply, as a consequence of procedures introduced by the 14th Code of Practice.

The current administrative charge rates and the staff roles to which they relate are set out below:

Hourly executive rates*

                            rate (£)
Investigations Executive                                                 
In-house Counsel                                 145
 Research & Market Intelligence 
(monitoring, evidence gathering)

*Hourly rates include an element of organisational overhead plus support staff, and are not staff pay rates.                                                               

Fixed executive rates*  

rate (£)
Investigations Oversight Panel


*Fixed rates are per case per item (not per sitting).

Code Application Panel (CAP) & other panels*
    rate (£)
Tribunal hearing (paper-based adjudication process)
Oral Hearing – half day
Oral Hearing – full day 
Interim hearing withhold
Interim hearing suspension       780
Review of interim measures 
Application for review (application fee only)

*Panel rates are per case per item (not per sitting)

Additional administrative fees in respect of legal representation may also be incurred upon an oral hearing being initiated. Providers should refer to the FAQs accompanying any Warning Notice for further information.

Where a settlement is agreed before any formal hearing listed above takes place, there will be no charge for the cost of that hearing.

Examples of actual costs incurred that will be directly passed on are:

  • Courier costs
  • Postage costs
  • Telecommunications costs
  • Research monitoring
  • Debt collection

This is not an exhaustive list.

Administrative charges can be imposed after Tribunal adjudications, and upon any applications for Reviews.

Where prohibition proceedings brought against associated individuals arise as part of the imposition of sanctions against a provider found to be in breach of the Code, administrative charges related to such proceedings will be imposed on the relevant provider, rather than the associated individual, unless the individual is also the relevant provider (acting as a sole-trader).