We are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill.

All ICSS to be subject to PSA regulation from 16 January 2019

19 December 2018

Ofcom has today announced that, following its consultation, it is extending the scope of the PRS Condition to include all Information, Connection and Signposting Services (ICSS) within the definition of controlled PRS.

This means that from 16 January 2019, all ICSS will be subject to regulation by the PSA, regardless of the number range on which they operate. 

The ICSS compliance update gives details of the requirements that ICSS providers need to follow.

If you are an ICSS provider new to PSA regulation: 

  • You should pay particular attention to the registration requirements and your obligation to comply with the PSA Code of Practice.

If you are an existing ICSS provider already operating under PSA regulation:

  • This compliance update reminds you of your regulatory obligations, including the need to comply with Special conditions for ICSS provided on 09 and 087 number ranges.

Please note that the PSA will be consulting on amendments to the current set of ICSS Special conditions in 2019 with a proposal to make all ICSS subject to the Special conditions regime and proposing necessary changes to ensure the regime remains effective.