We are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill.

We're extending the consultation on proposed changes on service registration

14 May 2018

In January 2018, we launched a consultation on new information we want to require when you register a phone-paid service.

Since then we’ve had several informal discussions with different parties in the value chain and received 15 official responses to our consultation, encompassing a wide range of views.

Because of the complexity of proposed changes to registration, we want to extend the consultation period to 19 July so that we:
•    can clarify what these proposed changes are about (they’re all under section 3 here)
•    deliver workshops to industry members that will go through all details on proposed changes and get your views (see below more details on the workshop)
•    receive as many responses as possible from all industry members.

More details on the consultation extension

Sign up to the workshop on proposed changes to registration

As part of extending the consultation period, we are hosting two identical workshops (27 & 28 June) for service providers to understand the proposed changes and collectively respond to this consultation.

•    Presentation of a prototype of new online registration forms              
•    Collective discussion on the detail presented, including input into the practicalities and possible implications
•    Presentation and discussion on how a pro-active and supportive approach to registration will work in practice
•    A legal overview of how we will apply fair and proportionate regulation to possible registration breaches

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