PSA announces the extension of David Edmonds CBE term of office as Chairman of the PSA Board

16 August 2021

The PSA Board, with the agreement of Ofcom, has invited David Edmonds to extend his term of office as Chairman of the PSA until April 2022 to oversee the implementation of its proposed new Code of Practice.

David has chaired the PSA since 2014 and  his current term was due to expire at the end of August. This  comes at a significant point in the delivery of the proposed new Code. The extension ensures continuity of governance during this strategically important time, with the planned launch of the new Code in April 2022. 

David Edmonds said: “I’m delighted to accept this extension as we move towards approval of a new Code of Practice and plan its implementation.  The Code heralds a new phase in our regulatory approach to the current and future phone-paid services market. This will complete our strategic review we initiated almost two years ago and will deliver our progressive new Code for the benefit of consumers and industry alike.”